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Sarge's Burner Service

24 Hour Oil Burner Service and Repair

Quality, Reliable, Local Response to your Service Needs

Do you buy heating oil from a discount company with no oil burner service? Does your oil company 's service technicians travel long distances or from out of state to repair your burner? DON'T WORRY! At Sarge's Burner Service, I am a local guy who will take care of your oil burner service needs. I am a licensed oil burner technician in Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 30 years of experience. I take pride in my work making sure your burner and oil fired appliances are working at peak efficiency. I provide honest service you can trust, being a public servant for over 30 years. I use the latest in technology combustion test equipment, insuring your burner is running at peak efficiency. LESS OIL = SAVING $$$$. Sarge's Burner Service is a companion company to Szamocki Heating and Oil Burner Service LLC established in Massachusetts. I live locally and provide prompt 24 hour emergency service to my customers. Szamocki Heating and Oil Burner Service provides full oil burner service and heating system repairs to customers in Webster, Ma. and vicinity. 

Call me today for an appointment to save you $$$$$.

860 821-9111